Our Services
A successful application includes a very strong positioning, an impressive resume, clear definition of goals, right stories for the essays supported by good editing and language structure and school specific targeting. While we offer individual services such as resume review/development, ding analysis, recommendation guidance, etc, we strongly believe in working across the entire spectrum of your application. There is a reason why it is recommended to have the same manufacturer for all the four wheels of your car. Similarly, when you look at your business school application, one essay should compliment your other essays while being aligned with resume and consistent with the information that is coming through your recommendations. Not just that all the components of your application profile should send a consistent message to the admissions committee, it is also critical that one component does not contradict the message from elsewhere. Hence, our flagship offering is a start-to-end four-school application package on which more schools can be added. It allows us to use our 360 degree bottom-up approach that covers all the aspects of you application and give it the knock-out punch that elevates your application from mediocre to outstanding.

We also provide a package called "Admissions Eye" where we look at the entire application and provide a thorough critique and objective and actionable feedback for improvement with a turnaround time of two days to ensure that applicants get enough time to work on and incorporate the feedback in their applications before submission. The feedback will also consider the school you are applying to and the attributes that are more valued by those ones. Please note that this package is best used AFTER the applicants feel that they have done the best they could do and are ready with their applications.

Our services include:

Target School Selection (check out this blog post to know more!)

Strategic Positioning

Business School Essays - Development / Feedback

Resume Development / Feedback

Recommendation Development

Interview Preparation

Ding analysis and application feedback

Waitlist support

Our Fees
We have a very reasonable fee structure. While our fees are almost half of what is charged by various highly visible international MBA consultancy firms, we guarantee that our quality is the best in the business. We do not even want to be compared to the local jack-of-all-trades consultancies that are mushrooming all over the world. We believe in quality and that is what you get when you work with us. Period.

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Be a Success Story!

A comprehensive package covering your multiple target schools

Use our 360 degree bottom-up approach to admissions process

Quality that is the best in the business

Almost half the fees charged by other leading MBA consulting firms

Get the knockout punch to elevate your application from medicore to outstanding